Hey! It’s me! I’m Aly!

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I’m an actor, a published author, a podcaster, a tabletop roleplayer, a traveler, a dialect coach, and a voice actor. I’m really into writing sci-fi, speculative fiction, and fantasy in particular, but I enjoy reading a wide variety of things in addition to those categories. I teach private dialect lessons in person and online. If you’re interested in learning different accents to improve your voice acting or tabletop roleplaying, you can click here to learn more!

I am currently based out of Orlando, FL, though I spent over a decade in Chicago and I’m originally from Milwaukee. I definitely still call a bubbler ‘a bubbler.’

I am married to the most wonderful swashbuckler, Drew, and together we make lots of things under the collective name Whimsy & Artifice. Our big ongoing project together is called Warda – it’s an original fantasy world we built from scratch and have subsequently begun to explore in fiction, RPG, and podcast form. We call it a mix of Downton Abbey, Agatha Christie, and Game of Thrones. The podcast for Warda is a part of the One Shot Podcast Network.

tiny Alva

We have two cats: Queen Felicia (the Pale Moon Monarch, Ruler of the Cliffs of Arimore) and Wedge. You can follow their antics on Twitter @queenfeliciacat.

Catch me on Twitter & Instagram @dreamstobecome or on Facebook!

Behold! My first novel in the wild!
Behold! My first novel in the wild!


So, where do you want to go from here?

Actor Info  *  Dialect Coaching  *  Podcast Appearances

  Published Works  *  Videos  *  Blog




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