Hey! It’s me! I’m Aly!

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Hi! I’m Aly.

I’m a published author, a podcaster, a tabletop roleplayer, a traveler, an Anglophile, a dialect coach, and a voice actor. I’m big on sci-fi, speculative fiction, fantasy, and steampunk, but the heart is a wild thing; who knows? I could end up writing romance at some point! (Click here to learn more about how I got published!)

Though I am currently based out of Orlando, FL, I spent over a decade in Chicago and I’m originally from Milwaukee. I definitely still call a bubbler ‘a bubbler’. (You’re allowed to say water fountain, if you want; it’s okay to be wrong.)

Catch me on Twitter @dreamstobecome or on Facebook!

I am married to a perfectly wonderful swashbuckler named Drew, and together we make lots of things under the collective name Whimsy & Artifice. Our big project together is called Warda – it’s an original fantasy world we built from scratch and have subsequently begun to explore in fiction, RPG, and podcast form. Warda is a part of the One Shot Podcast Network. If you like Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Agatha Christie, or any combination therein, you’ll definitely like Warda!

tiny Alva

We have two cats: Queen Felicia (First of her Name, the Pale Moon Monarch, Ruler of the Cliffs of Arimore) and Wedge (young Princess Wedgina, the Little Demon With White Socks, the Chinless Wonder, aka Death From Above). You can follow their antics on Twitter @queenfeliciacat.


Behold! My first novel in the wild!

Behold! My first novel in the wild!


So, where do you want to go from here?

Actor Info  *  Dialect Coaching  *  Podcast Appearances

  Published Works  *  Videos  *  Blog




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