Actor Info

I graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a BA in Theatre with a History minor. I have experience in classical and contemporary theatre, musical theatre, commedia dell’arte, British panto, cabaret hosting, burlesque, outdoor and indoor historical re-enactment, dialect coaching, and immersive theatre. I have worked at Universal Studios Orlando since 2017, Medieval Times since 2019 in both Orlando and Chicago, and I was a performer at the Bristol Renaissance Faire from 2012-2016 and rejoined them in 2021.



Past Reviews:

A Klingon Christmas Carol (EDGE Theatre):

“Finally, Aly Grauer’s Vulcan was a delightful palate-cleanse whose intellect and wit shone in every raised eyebrow and inquisitive pursed lip on her expressively non-expressive face.” – Fantasy Realm of Chicago

“As the Vulcan narrator, Aly Grauer is the perfect deadpan foil to the boisterous Klingon cast.” – Chicago Reader

Messina 3004 (A Dystopian Much Ado About Nothing) (Otherworld Theatre):

“Beatrice (Aly Grauer) gave off an air of Katniss from The Hunger Games — strong, badass and clever.” – Loyola Phoenix

“Drew Mierzejewski and Aly Grauer generate great chemistry in the love-hate relationship between Benedick and Beatrice. Perhaps not surprisingly, as the two actors are married.” – Chicago Theater Beat

The Cherry Orchard (Piccolo Theatre):

“Though Piccolo has assembled a fine cast, the performances of Amy Gorelow, Berner Taylor, Alyson Grauer, David W.M. Kelch, and Glenn Proud stand out as particularly hearty, with strong support from the rest of the cast.” – Chicago Theatre Beat

King John (Loyola University Chicago):

“The play’s best performance is senior Alyson Grauer’s highly charismatic turn as Richard the Lionheart’s bastard son. She manages to be very funny while still creating a nuanced character who wouldn’t be out of place in a more traditionally dramatic production. This character, who balances a winking acknowledgment of the absurdity of the political machinations on display with a genuine dramatic arc, consistently represents the tone that the rest of the play manages to hit at its very best moments.” – Loyola Phoenix

Sweeney Todd (Off The Wall Theatre):

“There are some lovely voices here. David Flores and Robert Hirschi’s interaction during Pretty Women is particularly good. As is the romance between Evan Mayer as sailor Anthony Hope and Todd’s daughter Johanna (played here by Alyson Grauer.)” – Shepherd Express