Published Works

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All but alone, wild but resourceful Mira dreams of life beyond the shores of her mystical island. Isolated by her father, a dark sorcerer bent on vengeance, she has only his servants, an air spirit and a misshapen cast-off, to share her company. When Dante conjures a terrible storm to wash ashore his mortal enemies, Mira must chose between her loyalties to her father and what she knows is right.

Short Fiction:

Emily Cassidy Tuttle, on word from Doctor Sound, arrives in the shadow of the Vatican to receive a mysterious parcel from a local contact. What should be a simple pass between agent and mule spirals deeper and deeper into a wild madness that Emily is not prepared to face.

A young boy gets lost in the woods near his home and does not return. Years later, his sister hikes through those very woods and up the nearby mountain in search of her little brother who went missing. It does not go the way she expected, but she is determined to find him and bring him home.

Victor Frankenstein’s betrothed Elizabeth discovers that there is more to her destiny than the usual gender roles, and seeks the truth in letters from the past while counting down the days till her marriage.

Althea Galway, a gifted statistician for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, follows her tedious work to a Winter carnival and a strange mystery at its heart. With a dashing illusionist and the memories of her own secretive past with the Traveling Galloway Circus clouding her judgment, she dares to reach beyond her station and discover what is behind the tricks of a trade she knew better than any active field agent.


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