Slice of Pie

Slice of Pie: Nathan Thompson’s Gothic-Steampunk Orphan Tale

One of the things I love about being a creative type is meeting other wild and crazy folks who make cool stuff too! I am proud to have an eclectic plethora of strange and wonderful humans in my life, and so to help them keep making the art they’re making, I thought I’d offer up a new flavor on the blog. Presenting….

~A Slice of Pie!~

A tasty sample of something fresh cooked up by an artist of my choosing.


For our inaugural Pie-tasting, we welcome Chicago actor/author/producer/oddball Nathan Thompson. Nathan and I met while acting in a production of Anton Chekov’s “The Cherry Orchard” in 2012, but it wasn’t until our second show together (a British Panto called “Bah Humbug”) that we really started to talk shop about sci-fi, spec fic, and our writing projects. Since then, Nathan’s been an indispensable advisor on many topics, and we’ve worked on a lot of different projects together. I’m super pleased with his current work, which I’ve asked him to talk about.

Who are you?

“I am Nathan Thompson.”

What’s your thing right now? That thing. You know. That thing over there. What is that?

“That’s The Macabre Tale of Edmund Moulde. It’s a serial web-story that follows odd life of Edmund Moulde, an orphan who is adopted by the stern and mysterious Matron Moulde of Moulde Hall. He then has to deal with his new relatives who don’t like that Matron suddenly has a legitimate heir to her fortune.”

Edmund never thought he would be adopted.
Prospective parents just seemed to walk past him, looking for children with fuller cheeks, ruddier skin, or even just blinked a bit more often.
It wasn’t that he minded much — he wouldn’t know what to do with a family. It was just that he had never been beyond the gates of Mrs. Mapleberry’s Home for Wayward Lads and Ladies, and he had read and heard so much about the soot-choked city of Brackenburg that lay just half an hour away by coach.
Then, one day, Matron Mander Moulde arrived at the orphanage, and Edmund soon learned there was much more beyond that wooden fence then he could have ever imagined.

The Macabre Tale of Edmund Moulde is an episodic story posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Follow Edmund as he journeys from the rickety orphanage on the outskirts of town, to the Brobdingnagian mansion perched on Haggard Hill, and beyond.

Art by Ilana Brodsky

What do you love about this thing?
“Well, it’s writing, and I love writing. I also love that it lets me put my work out there for people to read at their leisure. There’s something primal about people you’ve never met suddenly finding you and striking up a conversation about something you both love.”

What do you hate about this thing?

“I hate marketing. I’m no good at it, and there are still quite a few people out there who don’t know about it. I should see if one of my friends is willing to put me on their blog or something…”

When/how/where can people read the thing?

“They can find Edmund at You could sign up to my RSS feed, get each post as an email, or visit the website every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to catch the latest update.”

Note: You can also follow Edmund himself at @EdmundMoulde. His peculiar word choices and vague understanding of Twitter are charming!

What thing would you do if you had all the money and time in the world right now?

“I’d…keep doing what I’m doing, really. Just with less Job. Write like crazy, act in plays, create art both online and offline, GM Roleplaying games, etc.”

What’s your new favorite thing that someone else has done/made?

“Why, THIS BLOG, of course! No, seriously…that’s a tough one. I like lots of different things and for different reasons… The first one that pops into my head is A Smile and A Gun, the Roaring Twenties blog of one of my friends. She periodically posts cocktail recipes. It’s good stuff! I should also shout out to Drinkin’ Dames, a periodic web-show about drunk women trying to recall old movies they saw long ago, and The Witching Hour, an upcoming webseries about two agents who try to drink away the pain of dealing with the supernatural.”

Possibly the most important question… If your thing was a pie, what kind of pie would it be?

Well, If Mrs. Kippling made it, it would be a Soup pie.

If Edmund made it, it would follow the following recipe:

1 1/2 pounds of Wrought Iron,

1 large Spooky Mansion, minced,

1/8 teaspoon of Over-dramatic Ennui Bouillon granules

4 cups of something bubbling,

2 tablespoons of freshly ground smirking

2 tablespoons of freshly ground smirking

1/4 cup of tea

1 crusty old crone pie crust

a pinch of Macabre to taste.

Edmund Moulde (art by Ilana Brodsky)

Check out Nathan’s work by following his Facebook page and subscribing to Edmund Moulde’s curious and unusual story. Also you can check out Nathan’s super neato spec fic novella “The Watch in the Sand.”

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