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Chasing The Clouds Away: Stress, Life, and OMG COMIC CON!

So here we are in September, the start of autumn, and the midst of a great whirlwind of things that are happening. Every year when the ren faire closes,  I think, “Thank goodness I’ll finally have time to DO things, like clean my apartment, or move into a new apartment, or plan my wedding, or go grocery shopping, or…” and every year, inevitably, September turns into this insane roller coaster of STUFF that comes up so fast I can hardly see straight. Events I have to attend, deadlines to meet, work to do, travel plans, etc etc etc. It never seems to end! Even the super fun things that come up as commitments seem stressful… and vice versa. Very confusing, if you ask me.

Right now, there are several things in motion. I’m in the process of moving to a new apartment (slowly over the month, though) which is a trip and a half. It’s funny how moving slowly and moving to a place which is only six minutes away from my old place is sometimes actually more work than moving all at once in one weekend. There’s pre-production work to be done for a certain beloved steampunk immersion event in November.  I’m also working full time again, and oh, yes, there’s a wedding to plan – and it falls the weekend following the steampunk event.


Did I mention I’m sneaking off this weekend to Salt Lake Comic Con? I am super excited. SLCC began in 2013, but despite its young age, it has made an enormous impact on the convention community. Due to its 2013 attendance(approximately 70,000 people), SLCC has the honor being the largest inaugural comic convention in North America as well as the largest convention ever held in Salt Lake City. The guest list for 2015 is so star-studded it’s blinding, you guys. Look.


I am super excited to see some of my dear friends from Xchyler Publishing again, to meet awesome new people, sell a few copies of my book, fawn over Chris Evans, and bask in the majestic glow of the mountains. And who knows what other shenanigans will pop up unexpectedly?

Also I love traveling, so any excuse to get away for a weekend is a welcome adventure. Expect a full con report from me sometime next week.

Till then…

Happy 21st Day of September!

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