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Happy Birthday, Disney Odyssey!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, April 5th 2016 marks the one year anniversary of the beginning of the Disney Odyssey! On the one hand, I can scarcely believe it’s already here, and on the other, we’ve only just reached #19 of the current 53. It is a little daunting, but I promise we’re aiming to pick up steam moving forward. We’ve got lots of fun extras planned for the movies yet to come, and we’re constantly finding new ways to make the posts more engaging.

As you probably know by now, I started a Patreon to continue to grow the projects I am working on, including Disney Odyssey. If you are not yet a patron, please check out the page and consider becoming one to help make the DizOdy posts bigger, better, and more awesome as we continue the journey! For a $5 contribution each month you can not only support the project and my other creations (like Warda!) but you get fun extras on the Patreon feed and access to the very special, always hilarious Audio Commentary! Part one of the Audio is our Discussion (i.e. The Facts) and part two is the Commentary (the Observations) – which is always a surprise and a really dang good time, if you ask me. Take a gander at the page and consider a contribution to help the blog keep running! 

Thank you all for following along on the Disney Odyssey, and we hope you stick around for another year! Post #19 for The Jungle Book goes live this week for the Patreon patrons, and it will go live on the blog for everyone else on Monday April 11.

Here’s some vintage photos of me (and my brother!) at Disney World to celebrate!!!


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