The Night's Rewatch

The Night’s Rewatch: A GoT Replay Podcast


Because we weren’t busy enough, The Fella (Drew) and I have added another fun project to our menu of shenanigans.


I’d been talking about wanting to rewatch Game of Thrones for ages – I’ve only ever seen each episode once! – and with Season 6 in progress I was inspired to seize the moment. We’re watching each episode and talkin’ through our thoughts and feelings about Westeros, history, mythology, characterization, acting choices, dragons, moral compasses, you name it! And unlike Disney Odyssey, this is unedited – meaning you can plug right in to the episode along with us and it’s like we’re all watching it togetherrrrrrr!

So don your blackest hoodie and join us on the couch – but you have to take the Oath first.

Hear my words and bear witness to my vow.

The new season gathers, and now my rewatch begins.

It shall not end until the end of the season.

I shall take no job, hold no social life, father no fanfic.

I shall wear no clean clothes and win no showers.

I shall wake and sleep at my screen.

I am the laptop in the darkness.

I am the watcher on the Couch.

I am the fan that guards the realms of canon.

I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Rewatch,

For this rewatch and all rewatches to come.

Needless to say, if you choose to join us in this mad endeavor, there will be spoilers. If you haven’t watched that episode, probably don’t listen to our blabber for it.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “Winter Is Coming”

(episode starts at 2:28)

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