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2021 Awards Eligibility Post!

Hello! This is my first time writing up a post for this purpose… but all the cool kids are doing it so I thought I would learn how to do so myself. This year I had the great joy of having two pieces of my fiction published, and as such, they’re eligible for consideration for awards in the industry such as the Nebulas and the Hugos and all manner of whatnot beyond that. So here they are!

“Porch Light For The Lonely” (500 words) appeared in Cast of Wonders in May 2021 as one of the winners of the 2020 Flash Fiction Contest. It was written during my pandemic summer in a small town in Wyoming surrounded by literal tumbleweeds, stray cats, and plenty of old empty houses.

The full piece can be read (and heard) here:

“Lavender, Juniper, Gunpowder, Smoke” (4433 words) appeared in Apparition Lit Magazine in October 2021. This story takes a huge chunk of my middle school existence – complete with bullies – and shapes it into something that I wish I’d had at the time to bring me comfort, inspiration, and inner strength. Also I famously love scented candles, and the right scent can be magic in itself.

The full piece can be read (and heard) here:

I’m honestly so thankful that these pieces are out in the world and I hope folks enjoy them, such as they are.


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