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Happy 20th Anniversary, Harry Potter!

I always wanted to be a Gryffindor, but the truth was always there under the surface, and it was much more simple. I love people too much, and I care about everyone's feelings. It's actually been Hufflepuff all the way.   I got the first three Harry Potter books the day that "The Prisoner of… Continue reading Happy 20th Anniversary, Harry Potter!


Cosplay Eye Spy: C2E2 2016 Edition

Round 1: DC > Harley Quinn Suicide Squad redesign Batman: The Animated Series Steampunk Pin-up/rockabilly Other DC > Poison Ivy  DC > Joker  Marvel > Deadpool As himself As someone/something else Nintendo > Ash/Pokemon Trainer Disney > Frozen > Elsa/Anna Star Wars > Han Solo Star Wars > Princess Leia Game of Thrones > Daenerys… Continue reading Cosplay Eye Spy: C2E2 2016 Edition