Disney Odyssey #5 – 10/10 Woodland Creatures are Affected by Aloof Dad Syndrome

The Fella and I made chicken tacos and watched the next installment (although we seriously contemplated venison or bison instead of chicken) the other night to much fond remembrance of woodland frolicking and the simple joys of baby animals. Before I get started, all joking aside, I love this movie. I have always loved this movie since I was a wee bairn. The sass in these Disney Odyssey posts comes from a place of love and respect for the Great and Bountiful Empire of the Mouse, not from disgust as it might seem. Please bear that in mind as we move forward with the Odyssey and know that my love for this is real.

The Movie: Bambi (1942)

The Facts: 

  • Based on Austrian novel “Bambi: A Life in the Woods” by Felix Salten. Fun fact: I actually found this book at a used book store when I was a kid and read it… I loved it. But then, I was hellbent on growing up to be a woodland creature of some kind, so anything that already put me in those shoes worked in my favor.
  • Because the novel was Austrian, the deer were originally roe deer instead of white-tailed deer, but Disney changed it so that the deer would be American instead of European.
  • The film won three Oscars: Best Sound, Best Original Score, Best Song (for “Love Is A Song”)
  • It’s ranked #3 on the top ten best animated films of all time. Guess what the others on that list are, then click here to check your answers!
  • While they were working on the film, the animators and crew would say “Man is in the forest” as code for “Walt Disney is in the building and coming down the hallway right this second.”

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