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Steampunk Chronicle Awards – Vote for Grauer!

Ahoy friends!

Those of you in the know will find this post repetitive but for those of you who weren’t aware, the Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Awards are open for voting from now until April 22, and my novel On The Isle of Sound and Wonder is up for Best Fiction!!!!

much fancy so award wow
much fancy so award wow

That’s right, you can help me win by voting! You’ll have to register on their website but it shouldn’t take long, and every vote helps. 🙂 Even if you haven’t read it yet… it’d be cool to see this win something. I am pretty stoked that it’s even on the ballot, to be honest!

Also make sure to vote for other Teslacon favorites like Dr. Proctocus for Steam-Hunk, Krieger for Best Character/Persona, Teslacon for best convention…… well, you get the picture. (Teslacon is my home turf convention, so I have a lot of pride for it and everyone involved.)

Go on then! Vote! Click on the image to check out the ballot and vote! Or click here. That works too.

Cheers and crumpets!


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