Tales from the Archives, Vol. 4 – “Spiritus Sanctus”


Some of you may not know that my first published fiction was a short story for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences‘ award-winning Tales from the Archives anthology podcast back in 2012.

Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine are the co-authors of the Ministry books (which are always always always my number one steampunk recommendation to newbs who ask me what they should read) and have become dear friends of mine. I call them my Steampunk Fairy Godparents – and I’m only half-kidding. Between each novel in the Ministry series, Tee and Pip ask other authors to come and play in their sandbox by writing a short story set in the Ministry universe, tales of other agents’ derring-do and mysterious unfinished investigations the world over.

Their fourth Ministry novel, The Diamond Conspiracy, launched mere weeks ago, and today Tales from the Archives Volume Four begins, kicked off by yours truly!!!

I am so thrilled that they asked me back to write and perform another story, and I am very proud to present “Spiritus Sanctus” for your listening approval (in another week or two the 99cent ebook will be available on Amazon as well).

Click, listen, get hooked!



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