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Hello? Is this thing on??? WHAT YEAR IS IT?

Hi! It’s been a while. Lemme see if I can catch you up really quick…

  • Drew (previously known as the Fella) and I created a fantasy world called Warda and streamed some live tabletop roleplaying game sessions set in that world – this led to us creating an ongoing storytelling podcast that uses actual play and audio drama formatting. (This made us get REALLY busy and so other projects like ukulele tunes and Disney Odyssey slid to the back burner.)
  • in 2017, we moved from Chicago, IL to Orlando, FL! We’re actually coming up on our second anniversary here in Orlando (in early November).
  • we found a cat who we named Queen Felicia – she moved to Florida with us and she’s the BEST.
  • I went from working Attractions to performing with Entertainment at Universal Studios Orlando!
  • we found a kitten who we named Wedge – she came home with me after a friend and I rescued her from being stuck under a car and she kinda stayed??? She’s the WORST but she’s learning to be good. Slowly. Reeeeally slowly.
  • I started additional jobs working with hospital simulations, private dialect lessons, and most recently Medieval Times!
  • in 2019, Drew quit his day job and is embracing a similarly patchworked performer’s lifestyle and schedule!
  • I have thrown myself back into writing in a huuuuge way – I have written about six new short stories, including two which I have been submitting all over the market in hopes of publishing. I have attended several workshops and will be attending the Florida Writers Conference this weekend! I spent the summer crafting and worldbuilding a new fantasy setting (with Drew’s brilliant brainstorming help) for a project I’m calling Westward Ho.

There’s a lot that’s happened in the last few years. So much can change so quickly! What I’ve learned, in a nutshell, is that taking the leap to do the thing(s) you really want to do can make all the difference in whether you grow, learn, and find joy. And if it flops, there’s still a story behind it you’ll have to tell later on.

Of course there are plenty of things about Chicago we miss: friends, D&D groups, ren faire, my family in Milwaukee, ACTUAL autumn, brilliant GrubHub options at every hour of the day and/or night… but moving to Orlando has proved to be a welcome challenge in so many ways. Our individual personalities are being tested as well as our partnership in our marriage. And on top of that, we continue to find new things to do, create, perform, and be.

I’m excited to see what the next few years hold.

* * *

Currently Reading: I just finished A Treason of Thorns by Laura E. Weymouth and also The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow

Listening To: I… uh… just figured out how Spotify works??? So I’m currently deep-diving into my old favorites: The Black Keys, Wolfmother, The Decemberists, The Civil Wars, Nickel Creek, etc. and building playlists for my WIPs.

Obsessed With: The incredibly specific and beautifully made hand-crafted candles of Mythic Glow Candles (discount code: ALY10) and ALSO I just got this incredible Panda Planner??? I can’t wait to BE PRODUCTIVE with it – and you can use code ALY15 if you want a discount for your own!

Writing: honing scene-by-scene outline bits for Westward Ho, prepping it for #NaNoWriMo next month!

Lobster pants or bust, baby!

5 thoughts on “Hello? Is this thing on??? WHAT YEAR IS IT?”

  1. Was this not also the time frame during which you coined the term “sossy wossy?” Perhaps I’ve got the term AND the timeline mixed up.


  2. Hey Aly! I miss you both. Great to great about all the passion you’re both making part of your daily lives. I’ve been binging Warda and it’s so great to hear you, Drew, and Justin. It brings back great memories. Hope that our paths will cross again. Sending you all the best! reH tay ghot tuqDaj je!


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