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An Announcement & Book Cover Reveal!

If you’ve been around here for a while, you may remember that in 2014 I published my first novel (a fantasy, steampunky retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest). Well, friends, times have changed, and I’m thrilled to announce that in 2020 I will be releasing a brand new edition of my novel ON THE ISLE OF SOUND AND WONDER through Shadesilk Press!

To celebrate this exciting new edition, I’m absolutely thrilled to show you the brand-new cover for the re-release!

First, an explanation: I love my original cover art very much – so much so that I had it printed onto leggings for me, my editor, and a handful of very lucky friends. I still wear those leggings all the time. The art by Egle Zioma swept me away and gave me great courage when facing challenges. But in facing the reality of updating the manuscript and re-releasing the book on my own terms with the help and expertise of Candace J. Thomas of Shadesilk Press, we quickly realized that the new version of the book was definitely going to need a new cover. We turned to Ampersand Book Covers for inspiration, and found something that fit just right. I absolutely love it, and I hope you will too!


On the Isle of Sound and Wonder is available for pre-order at Shadesilk Press.

Wild Mira knows the island better than anyone, and she knows the patterns of the sea and sky. She knows, too, that the storm that brings a shipwreck to her island’s shores is not natural, but is summoned by her father’s dark, strange powers. When the wreck’s survivors wash up all over the island, the mysteries of Mira’s past come with them, and the truth of her father’s deeds can finally be brought to light.

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