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Happy Birthday, Disney Odyssey!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, April 5th 2016 marks the one year anniversary of the beginning of the Disney Odyssey! On the one hand, I can scarcely believe it's already here, and on the other, we've only just reached #19 of the current 53. It is a little daunting, but I promise we're aiming to pick up… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Disney Odyssey!!!

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Dinner, Dancing, and Remembering the Titanic

You are cordially invited... On Saturday, April 9th, 2016, I'm pleased to announce I will be participating in a very swanky and unique event. Midwest-located lovers of history and/or the 1997 James Cameron blockbuster film will be pleased to discover that there is a special re-enactment dinner taking place at the Al Ringling Mansion in Baraboo,… Continue reading Dinner, Dancing, and Remembering the Titanic

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Life Goals (Great and Small) For 2016

A Non-Comprehensive List I understand I'm well over two months late for New Year's Resolutions but WHAT CAN I SAY I like goals and lists so here we go! In 2016 I will be attempting to... Stay active with exercise and other activity - yoga, stretching, body weight exercises at home, and dance (ballet, ideally). Even though… Continue reading Life Goals (Great and Small) For 2016

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“Oh, Kiddo!” – Remembering Nan

"Now tell us your name." "My name is Alyson Grauer." "Hmmmmmm." I stand still, watching Nan peer thoughtfully at me behind her owlish glasses. My classmates are silent, listening, watching. I know I'm not supposed to feel nervous, but being on the spot in front of Nan is inherently an intense place to be. This… Continue reading “Oh, Kiddo!” – Remembering Nan

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Messina3004: A Dystopian Adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing

"You're doing a dystopian Much Ado?" Yes. Yes, we are. Now, I know what you're going to say... "We may as well put Twelfth Night on the moon! Or Romeo & Juliet in a pet store!" Well hang on a second. Give me a minute to explain. This isn't as ridiculous as it sounds. Or, wait. It's exactly as… Continue reading Messina3004: A Dystopian Adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing