Slice of Pie: “Falling For You” is Sweet, Sweet Handcrafted Comedy

Sometimes I meet neat people who make neat things. I’d like to tell you about Mel and Jason, who are SUPER funny and made a super funny sweet rom-com that you should check out!

~A Slice of Pie!~

A tasty sample of something fresh cooked up by an artist of my choosing.


Who are you?

Mel: I’m Melissa Albertario. Wife, Mom, INFJ, Media & Language Enthusiast, recovering Theatre Person and lover of cake.

Jason: I’m Jason Peck, and I’m… well first of all I’m an English ex-pat living in Chicago. So that means it’s hard for me to toot my own horn. I’m trying hard not to write a joke and deflect. Okay. I’m an actor and comedian who wrote and produced a feature film screenplay. I’ve recently begun to shorten this and just call myself a troublemaker. Might look good on a business card.

What’s your thing right now? That thing. You know. That thing over there. What is that?

M: Movies, generally. Specifically, Falling for You, the romantic comedy Jason and I developed over the last several years.

J: The thing is our  first feature film, Falling for You (or FFY for short). It’s an independent romantic comedy about a woman named Hazel who has a fear of clowns, and is unaware that Oscar, the man she’s fallen in love with, is a clown. I produced, and Melissa directed.


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